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Paul Dodds

Licensee Salesperson

Paul brings to real estate a truly unique skill set like no other, along with his strong core values from growing up in the deep south.
Aside from being a loyal Highlanders and All Blacks supporter, Paul likes to go to the gym, spend time with family, walk the dogs, go tramping and improve his golf.

With a BCom (Hons), Paul’s work experience has included, property finance banking and consulting, working as a marketing manager, establishing his own commercial property syndication company, owning and running multiple preschools and in the last 7.5 years, running his own digital marketing agency.

Paul experience also includes managing the building of 3 new homes and the renovation of a 4th.

With a thirst to learn and a desire to share with others, Paul has created a website called Making Sense of Marketing - where he shares free marketing content. He has also established and hosts his own podcast called “Insights into Success”- where he interviews successful people from around the world including well known New Zealanders.  Paul has published over 100 episodes which are shared across social media. 

Having been a vendor selling their home on 5 separate occasions, Paul knows all too well how stressful it can be. Having never been satisfied by the salespeople chosen, Paul has always considered there was an opportunity to join the industry and deliver the service he could never find.

Paul’s wife Nicola is a qualified Interior Designer and with their 2 boys now largely self-sufficient, she is keen to apply her expertise in helping clients maximise their home’s presentation for sale.  

Paul considers the keys to providing a great service to vendors can be broken down into: 

1) Strong communication. “You need to understand the stresses that vendors are potentially going through and ensure that your communication is tailored to what they need. They must have confidence that you are doing the very best for them”. With Paul’s extensive experience being a vendor and the communication skills that he has developed over the years, he aims to provide the very best service. 

2) Negotiation skills. Having negotiated commercial property deals worth well in excess of the average family home, Paul has the skills and experience to deliver the best outcome. 

3) Marketing Skills. With Paul’s background this is a particular area of strength that sets him apart from others in the industry.
“In real estate people often promise a lot, but do they deliver? How much do they understand about being a vendor and do they care? I welcome the opportunity to sit down with any prospective client and not only answer the hard questions, but also demonstrate my skills. The vendor needs to believe in their chosen salesperson and the salesperson needs to believe in the vendor’s property and do their utmost to get the best result. I want to be the salesperson that as a vendor I could never find”.