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  • My real estate career was launched in late 2002 when asked to join a new sales team to help sell down the Zest tower block in Auckland CBD
  • For a period of 5 years I specialised in helping sell down several tower blocks and for 3 years did this by traveling around the South Island selling said apartments to South Islanders as investment opportunities 
  • I joined a development company selling down projects, becoming the sales manager.  
  • After the GFC, returned to my base as a crane engineer and salesperson in NZ, having founded 2 crane engineering companies in the UK in the 80’s & 90’s 
  • With over 40 years' business experience, I returned to real estate helping City Realty with sales in 2 projects in the Auckland CBD 
  • I love projects, project sales and communication on a business level and I am excited to join the Parnell Ray White team to help again in all these areas