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Erica Fava

Licensee Salesperson

Meet Erica, a driven real estate professional with an impressive background spanning seven years in asset finance and private banking. With a wealth of financial expertise and a keen understanding of investment strategies, she excels in connecting with clients from diverse backgrounds, making her an adept communicator and empathetic advisor. Having honed her skills as Operations Manager for Team Fava, Erica brings invaluable insights into the industry. Now, teaming up with her husband Andrew Fava, she is thrilled to create a distinct presence in real estate. 

Erica's standout attributes include exceptional marketing and social media skills, and revolutionising campaigns with innovative videos. Driven by a commitment to excellence, she ensures every client's needs are met for a seamless and rewarding real estate journey. 

With her powerful combination of financial prowess, cultural sensitivity, and a passion for innovative marketing, Erica becomes your trusted partner in real estate endeavours. Whether buying, selling, or investing, she not only tailors a personalised experience for each client's unique goals but also creates genuine connections that stand the test of time.