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Bryan Santos

Licensee Salesperson

Bryan grew up in the small Central North Island town of Taihape after moving from the
Philippines when he was 10 years old. Bryan grew up in a family of real estate investors who believed in the power of property investment. As he grew up, Bryan developed a keen eye for detail as much of his holidays were spent renovating and maintaining homes.

He had a short history in dealing with first-home buyers in his previous workplace. The aim was to help them understand how to purchase their first homes and eventually. It was this job that truly solidified Bryan’s passion for people and real estate.

Bryan is now the Sales Associate of Tanya Kwasza and his main focus is helping people get into their first homes and eventually move up the property investment ladder. Bryan believes that there is a space for everyone in real estate whether they are first time home
buyers, people upgrading for their future or experienced investors.

If you are after someone who will be available around the clock, represent you well, and
give you priority, Bryan should be your first thought!

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